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作者:姚旭博、 李天玥、田园


动画2015 级


Type: 3D Animation





Description:"MASK" is a Disney-style 3D animated short film. The protagonist is a girl who works hard and dances very well. In this way, she has become an unsociable and lonely existence in the eyes of others. The girls in the same class are crowded out and even deprived her of the qualification to participate in the dance competition. However, at the beginning of the game, the person who qualified for the competition was unable to go to the stage because of the slackness of the usual training. Seeing that it was about to turn to herself soon, the protagonist appeared in front of her and put on a mask to take her to the stage.




短片制作过程中使用了动作捕捉技术完成了动画模块的制作,使用Zbrush和MAYA完成了模型模块的制作,使用SubstanceMari完成了本短片贴图的制作,使用Marvelous Designer完成了角色服装的制作,使用Arnold渲染器完成了灯光和渲染的工作。最终通过Premiere ProNuke完成景深、运动模糊、调色以及合成的制作。

Thank you for your guidance and thank you for the platform provided by my teacher Li Liang.

The motion capture technology was used in the movie production process to complete the animation module. The production of the model module was completed using Zbrush and MAYA. The production of this short film was completed using Substance and Mari. The production of character costumes was done using Marvelous Designer. The Arnold renderer was used to complete the lighting and rendering work, and finally the depth of field, motion blur, color grading, and compositing were done with Premiere Pro and Nuke.




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